ZSL London Zoo Meerkats Easter 13th April 2017

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Meerkats' Easter surprise <br />
Animals enjoy egg-citing Easter hunt at ZSL London Zoo, Rehents Park, London, Great Britain <br />
13th April 2017 <br />
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Robbie (aged 6) with some Easter Eggs he found. <br />
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Zookeepers have shelled out on an egg-stravagant surprise for ZSL London Zoo’s meerkat mob to enjoy – as they get ready to celebrate the Easter weekend.<br />
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Zookeeper Veronica Heldt, said: “While there will be no chocolate for our inquisitive meerkats, we’ve prepared an Easter egg hunt for the clan.<br />
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“This will encourage them to seek out treats hidden in the foliage and forage for food, mimicking how they would seek their food in the wild.<br />
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Photograph by Elliott Franks <br />
Image licensed to Elliott Franks Photography Services