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Clarion <br />
by Mark Jagasia <br />
directed by Mehmet Ergen <br />
at the Arcola Theatre, London, Great Britain <br />
press photocall <br />
16th April 2015 <br />
<br />
Clare Higgins as Columnist Verity Stokes<br />
<br />
Jim Bywater as News Editor Albert Duffy <br />
<br />
Ryan Wichert as Journalist Joshua Moon <br />
<br />
Greg Hicks as Editor Morris Honeyspoon <br />
<br />
Laura Smithers as Work Experience Journalist Pritti <br />
<br />
Peter Bourke as Managing Editor Clive Pumfrey <br />
<br />
Photograph by Elliott Franks <br />
Image licensed to Elliott Franks Photography Services